Packages panel

Apropos' layout consist of two main panels. On the left hand side there is a hierarchy tree of packages. You can add packages as root nodes or as a child of any existing package. Deletion of package also deletes all its children. Each package may contains unlimited amount of properties. A property besides traditional key and value may have group and description.

Properties panel

Once package is selected the right hand side panel displays all the properties in a table. By default this only includes properties defined in current package. To display inherited but not overwritten properties selected "show parent properties" checkbox. Single properties can be added or selected and then deleted by clicking the appropriate buttons. Import from and export to ".properties" and/or ".XML" files compatible with java.util.Properties

Hints & Features

Select multiple rows

To select more than one row use Ctrl + click (for one by one selection) or Shift + click (for region selection)

Edit values / rename properties

To edit any field of given property simply click on it. The table cell will become editable.

Highlighting inherited or overwritten with the same value

If "show parent properties" is selected, the values of parent properties are displayed in gray which makes them easy to recognize. It is possible (although not recommended) for a parent property to be overwritten in the current package with exactly the same value. In most cases it is not desired so as a warning such properties and highlighted in red.

Overwrite parent properties

Clicking on any column of any row representing parent value, will open a dialog box allowing you to overwrite this property's group, value or description in current package.